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Green Simba

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Handmade candle to balance your root Chakra. Reiki infused. A divinely smelling candle with Frankincense and Ylasng Ylang Essential Oil. Your root Chakra ( Muladhara) is the energy centre associated with your sense of security and support. Balance the energy. Of your root Chakra by lighting this candle in the room you are using. Frankincense oil has been used for centuries during prayer and meditation. Meditate with this candle and support the energy of your root Chakra. Support your wellbeing and connect with your root Chakra while enjoying the calming aroma of Ylang Ylang. Comes in a glass hexagonal container with screw top lid. Contains: One Root Candle One Root meditation medallion in a velvet pouch with chakra design. 150ml burn time 24 hours. 190ml burn time 30 hours 240ml burn time 40 hours Please check my listings for other Chakra candles. Please note; shades of colour may vary.

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