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In 2018 I began my journey into refashion and custom Upcycle clothing. This was something that started out of the understanding that discarded clothing makes up the majority of landfill waste. And I thought it was ridiculous how we wear things and toss them and that I could possibly make a small environmental impact by collecting bits and pieces of old clothing and turning them into something new and cool. As I was digging through my own piles of clothing, I came across an old t-shirt that I had been holding onto for many years. It belonged to my brother who took his life back in 2007. When I took that old t-shirt and added it to the back of one of my favorite jackets, Compassion Refashion was born and a whole new world opened up for me. Because Compassion Refashion is a concept that was born of my own grief journey, I was able to understand the value of something so precious as a T-shirt that once belonged to someone loved and lost. Soon I began making jackets for friends who had lost loved ones to remember their family members. Because I had a wonderful connection with a local group that specializes in PTSD recovery for combat veterans, I reached out to them and offered to make jackets for their families. Grief is such a sensitive thing and everyone deals with it in their own way. It took me 10 years to process my brothers suicide in a way that would allow me to even talk about it without bursting into tears. Wearing a jacket with a special piece that once belonged to him gives me the opportunity to take a piece of him with me on my journey. And I can talk about it when people ask me, or I don’t have to. But in this way, I carry him with me. ❤️ 

When you purchase a memorial jacket you can have the option to send me a piece of clothing like an old t-shirt or blanket or something special that I will attach to a jacket or hoodie. Or, you can answer a few quick questions and allow me to refashion something that symbolizes that person for you. I will take your address and send you a self addressed envelope (Large enough for a T-shirt) and you will send me the item. I will then create the jacket using the item and send it back to you within two weeks. It’s that simple. You can choose to donate the scraps for other projects or I can send those pieces back with the jacket. I will also be donating 10% of every jacket to one of several causes and if you want, I will make the donation specific to your order. 


You can choose:


War Horses For Veterans (PTSD recovery program)


The National Suicide Hotline


Susan G. Komen (Breast Cancer Researchers)


St. Jude’s (Children’s Hospital)

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