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Chakra candle and meditation stone for balancing and opening the Third Eye Chakra. Reiki infused. The Third Eye Chakra, also known as Ajna in Sanskrit is the energy centre associated with intuition and wisdom. This is a powerful chakra that allows insight and unity of mind, body and spirit. The physical location related to this Chakra is between the brows and governs our ability to differentiate between truth and illusion. It is the chakra that allows us to experience open mindedness and develop a greater ability to live in the present. It helps us flow through the wisdom and intuitive knowledge of what we see and experience in the world. Our ability to gain a greater awareness and understanding of our selves is enhanced when this chakra is balanced. An imbalanced third eye chakra may manifest in shyness and memory loss when it is deficient. If it excessive it may manifest as arrogance, headaches and nightmares. Understanding our behaviours in relation to this chakra helps us to see our inner truth and live a more aligned life. Literally, our perception of our experience can alter our experience and the third eye is our window to this inner knowledge. In Kundalini Yoga it is common to focus your attention on the third eye during practice. This helps to detach from thought and experience the present moment. Clarity of thought and the ability to express ourselves creatively and are heightened when we see through the lens of truth that the third eye gives us access to. This aromatherapy candle is created with Jasmine and Lemon essential oils to help awaken the energy of the Third Eye Chakra. Lemon improves concentration and helps relieve negative moods. It helps to stay focused and increases intellect. It is great for overcoming mental challenges and and inviting new wisdom and clear energy. Its fruity aroma is bright and fresh, helping to clear stagnant blocked energy. A perfect oil for clearing a fuzzy mind, or a a tension headache. Jasmine is known as 'Queen of the Night' in India and is associated with the moon and healing rituals. It enhances intuition and develops our sense of connecting to the Universe. It allows us to access our deepest layers and repressed emotional pain. Its sweet, floral aroma is very uplifting and stimulating. It is a powerful oil that stimulates all the senses. Comes in a glass hexagonal container with screw top lid. What are the most commonly used essential oils for balancing and healing the solar plexus chakra? And what are their properties and how do they help balance and heal the third chakra? Contains: One Third Eye Candle One Third Eye meditation medallion in a velvet pouch with chakra design. 150ml burn time 24 hours. 190ml burn time 30 hours 240ml burn time 40 hours Please note shades of colour may vary.

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